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Primary to A Level and EFL/IELTS Courses including:

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Early Years-Key Stage 1

Reception, Year 1, Year 2

Our specialised premises allows small groups of children to learn basic concepts and improve these but in a personalised way with games attached-fun learning but with real results!

Key Stage 2

Years 3 & 4, 5 & 6

The lower juniors call Years 3 and 4 “Jo’s College” and works on a similar basis to Years 1 and 2 but as stated at the beginning there is room now to progress further in their activities that are developing in school and indeed by Years 5 and 6, we are fully concentrating on areas of concern, challenge and preparation for secondary institutions and the perceptions and realities therein.

Also at this stage, important exam preparation is undertaken for those entering independent school assessments from core subjects to verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Key Stage 3

Years 7, 8 & 9

This is where consolidation and challenge of high school learning is supported and advanced.

New experiences and familiar ones are built upon.

Extended versions of writing and comprehension for example, are taught as this can sometimes be an under-prepared area with younger students but becomes increasingly important as they progress through the years and reach exams.

But, as normal, all subjects are catered for and taught.

Exam preparation and introduction to aspects of coursework appear now again, along with all individual concerns and challenges now met in all subjects.

We specialise in coursework preparation too in all areas of the curriculum, an often daunting prospect for some but with good organization and tailored methods, can be approached with confidence.

Key Stage 4

Years 10 & 11

GCSE exam preparation!!

Exactly what we mean-no large revision classes but specifically arranged and picked groups of no more than 5 that really focus on mutual and/or individual concerns.

Additionally, and this is paramount, past papers are deconstructed in order to see what is being asked of the students in the myriad of questions they face and how specifically to answer them.

The technique involved in timing issues and planning are also seriously addressed and strategies taught.

Key Stage 5

Years 12 & 13


Again, as in GCSE mode all aspects of the forthcoming hurdles are addressed and dealt with-these can be directed or seminar like depending on the time of year and the needs assessed prior.

We can offer expertise in all areas of the curriculum but it may be worth noting we offer as diverse subjects as Psychology and Theory of Drama for example, so an enquiry is always worth the effort.

Re-sits and Assessments

These aspects of school life are very common to a student’s experience but we have a very pastoral approach to these more sensitive areas as well as the customary need to teach and revise as explained previously.