Bespoke Education Services


We are a team of qualified tutors with engaging qualities as paramount

The centre has resources to hand along with all necessary equipment and wifi capability for extra-exam and board references and all proper educational sites.

We have all amenities for comfort but as it is purpose built, the atmosphere is very conducive to study.

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Your Child's experience

Life Goals

We all have aspirations-life has a way of putting hurdles in our way. We will confront these with programmes for exam progress at all levels, boards and institutions.

Learning Environment

Within our Bespoke study centre, pupils and students will be challenged and encouraged by our tutors, our expectations and the and the conducive facilities, to achieve, in a more quiet and relaxed way in small groups or individual environments.

Personal Growth

We all need to feel happy and confident in our abilities at any level, so self-esteem is a priority in how we build on your child's experiences and centre on HIS or HER needs and how best THEY learn.

Quality & Standards

Our expertise is paramount. Our experience in identifying how best each child learns is key to your child's development with us.

Our standards are high, as you would expect from a team led by a headteacher, and so, when we tailor a programme to suit your child's progress and achievement, we expect to challenge as well as support so that your child's expectations are also raised.